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DIY Separation Agreement Kit for Marriage & De Facto Couples

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Why go through a combative separation process that ends up being decided by lawyers or in the worst case by the Australian Family Law courts; or settles on the footsteps outside the court, and pays thousands of your hard earned dollars to two law firms along the way?

Try RESIL’s amicable separation solution, our goal is to assist you to negotiate a fair and reasonable financial separation agreement for couples, that is based on the best outcome for the whole family by looking after everyone’s future interests as a one-stop shop solution. We have divorce settlement templates to help you.

Stage 1: The DIY mediation process involved for the provision of the Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule:


1) Use a percentage split, that is based on Australian Family Law principles, to allocate fair and reasonable amounts of the joint asset pool separately to you and your former partner.

2) Easy to read, but comprehensive, report is provided with action items guiding you how to split all your assets.

3) An independent professional assessment by Chartered Accountants of your separation asset pool split will be sourced and relied upon.

4) Mediation is the preferred dispute resolution process and Resil will facilitate good communication with your former partner.

5) We can undertake investigative accounting services should your circumstances require it. For example, company director and shareholder searches, indicative business valuations, land and building valuations, etc. Please note that additional disbursement charges can apply in these cases, and we will let you know the costs upfront. Just call us on 0403 595 422 and speak to our friendly consultants today.


All upfront costs for Stage 1 services are affordable at only $497.

You just need to fill out some private online personal information kits and submit via email to us with the low cost, once off fee payment of only $497 (also refer to our FAQ page).

The first DIY personal information kit can be found at the following Family Law Court website link:

We require for both the husband and wife to each separately complete this Family Law Court DIY personal information kit and submit both documents to us via email. Refer attached completed sample documents for “Joe Husband” and “Kim Wife” to assist you with this step.

Or alternatively, if you find it easier you can complete our simplified first DIY personal information kit from the blank excel document, as attached here, and submit this completed document to us via email. Also another option if you prefer, a blank pdf version of the first DIY personal information kit, as attached here, can be printed out, completed manually, scanned and emailed to us.

PLEASE NOTE OUR FEE DISCOUNT OPPORTUNITY. If your personal financial circumstances are less complicated than our sample couple above of Joe Husband and Kim Wife, we would like for you to complete the first DIY personal information kit and email to us for Resil to then provide you with a discounted fee quote to the standard rates charged for our Stage 1 and Stage 2 services. 

We will then issue you an email with a second DIY personal information kit for the husband and wife to complete and also submit to us.

Now we can do our job.

We will assess your personal circumstances and email you a Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule as a guide for you and your former partner to use as a mediation tool for your negotiation to orderly divide all of your individual and joint financial assets.

Our assessment will be influenced by the living arrangements, maintenance requirements, initial contributions to the asset pool made by each partner, homemaker contributions, and the future needs of all the parties involved.

Our Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule report will be issued to your preferred email address in a PDF format. To view your purchased report you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to be installed on your computer.

This informal and non legally binding Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule is only a tool that guides you as a couple through the mediation process and is suited to couples who wish to adopt a mature, responsible, fair and reasonable approach in reaching an acceptable separation settlement to take care of the future needs of any children and each partner.

So now it is up to you as a couple to sit down, discuss and agree how the orderly division of all your joint assets and liabilities should be applied. We wish you the best of luck.

                                                                                                                      Call Us On: 0403 595 422

Stage 2: DIY Separation Memorandum of Understanding Agreement:


1) Easy to understand terms and conditions of your agreed separation plan.

2) Resil inserts your asset pool split details and actions required into your separation agreement.

3) Both your financial settlement and parenting plan are included in the one separation document.

4) Peace of mind that your negotiated separation settlement is documented in writing and signed by both parties.


Now that you know how to split your assets, some couples may also feel that documenting their agreed negotiated separation settlement terms is a sensible course of action.

In this case we can also provide you with a DIY Separation Memorandum of Understanding Word document template for another DIY competitive low cost price of only $484.

You just need to give us email instructions to prepare this agreement, advise if you have made any amendments to the Stage 1 Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule and submit another low cost, once off fee, in advance of only $484 for Stage 2 services (also refer to our FAQ page).

Resil will then complete and prefill this Stage 2 separation agreement with all your general details that you have previously provided to us in the DIY personal information kits. Resil will insert the details from your agreed asset and liability split from Stage 1 above. Resil will also include the written terms of your agreed future children and parenting arrangements as provided in your responses for the DIY personal information kits.

Once again this informal and non legally binding separation agreement, with easy to follow instructions, can be signed by both partners as evidence of their intentions at the time of separation and relies on the future good faith of each partner involved to honour the agreement.         

Additional Phone assistance service:


1) Friendly, personalised and prompt service.

2) Resil will help you better negotiate with your former partner and resolve any problems encountered.


If you get stuck, Resil can also assist as a mediation facilitator should you require additional phone assistance to guide you through the mediation process in order to progress your negotiation so that you both eventually agree on the fair and reasonable division of all your assets, or you may wish to amend some of the financial data inputs that may require an updated Separation Asset and Liability Split Schedule to be provided.

Call us for this phone support service and any extra cost will be agreed with you in advance at our modest hourly fee rates.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Call Us On: 0403 595 422