Our DIY Separation Mediation Clients

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If you are a low to middle class, income generating, married or de facto couple who is looking for a low cost and non adversarial separation dispute resolution process with some independent guidance then you may find our Do It Yourself Separation Mediation service is what you are looking for.

We see couples in Australia, who are in the process of getting a divorce, attracted to RESIL’s quality service offering as being two former partners that are looking to jointly reach a fair and reasonable settlement agreement as you will see value in the following benefits:

  1. Adopting a flexible approach to your separation, whereby you both make collaborative decisions in your own time and you both control your own destiny.
  2. Greatly reduce the financial costs of separation agreements by avoiding legal proceedings and costly legal mediation methods.
  3. Opportunity to take a mature, future focussed approach to what you both really need after your separation, and avoid the emotional heartache and stress of trying to maximise your gains from legal proceedings.
  4. Best to deal with any sorrow and to amicably resolve this marriage dispute and commence a new direction in your lives.
  5. Want to learn from the relationship mistakes and are looking for independent guidance through the separation process and help to improve the communication with your former partner.


Your Range of Separation Marriage Solutions:

AMICABLE COUPLE                                 Resil's DIY mediation separation agreements

AMICABLE COUPLE                                 Lawyer/lawyer mediation

BECOMING ADVERSARIAL                    Lawyer/lawyer binding financial settlement agreements   

ADVERSARIAL COUPLE                          Court litigation


Our Service Guarantee

We know that we will provide a great service and we are confident of achieving successful outcomes, but in the unlikely circumstances that your expectations are not met or your issues are not satisfactorily and mutually resolved, we will refund any agreed unreasonable costs in full. Just call us and let’s talk.

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