Our Affordable Separation & Divorce Settlement Kit

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We wish for Melbourne and Australia to remain as the best place in the world to live. The heart and future of our communities are the couples and families, who live in every house and apartment in all our suburbs. When relationships go wrong these households can be negatively effected and can become caught up in an adversarial and costly legal system. Resil aims to minimise the financial, emotional and psychological burden during this difficult time for all involved. Hopefully Resil can also help people develop better values, skills and resilience to navigate through the trials and tribulations of life. Life is not always easy and it can be hard to deal with change.   



Here at RESIL we are Australian professional chartered accountants with a difference.

We want to help couples when things are not going that well and using a Divorce Kit may pave the best way forward.

We want to obtain better outcomes for Australian families via non legal mediated separation and divorce settlements that are based on good family values and restorative justice, with the primary objective to achieve the most desirable blended relationship solutions for parents that need to separate.

Accordingly we now provide a new affordable DIY mediation service for couples who wish to separate. Our process and material is designed to facilitate a common sense and practical way for couples to fairly split and transfer all or some of their joint assets and liabilities, and document their agreed separation intentions by way of negotiated separation agreements. Our aim is to resolve conflict with a separation and divorce process that all parties can be satisfied with.

Feel free to search this website, we hope that we can help make this difficult time in your life a lot easier!!!