Are you looking for a DIY Separation Agreement?

You and your married or de facto partner are having relationship problems and wondering how to get divorced. During this emotional time you need to assess all your options. It may now be time to separate and divorce, and address the future needs of all parties involved, including any children.

Are your combined financial assets including superannuation accounts after deducting what you owe as a married couple under $2,000,000?  

Do you feel that your next step and only option is to contact an Australian lawyer to arrange the division and transfer of all your joint financial assets from your marriage? If so, then consider trying RESIL's separation product and services as a non legal alternative.

Why use Resil's financial property split service?

  1. Separating and divorcing couples need a fair and reasonable percentage split of their asset pool based on Australian Family Law concepts
  2. Only $497 * for a quality report prepared by independent and professional Chartered Accountants
  3. Amicable mediation is the best way to resolve a marriage dispute
  4. You both contribute and control the separation process which can be as quick and simple as you both want  
  5. Avoid a costly two lawyer divorce settlement process
  6. Getting ready to apply for a divorce with the Family Court of Australia 

Affordable DIY Separation and Divorce Agreements

RESIL provides a non legal alternative in the form of a low cost mediation Do It Yourself Online Separation Kit and Phone service for handling your separation agreements and taking care of your joint asset pool split. We will also assist you with documenting your fair and reasonable split and orderly division of all your assets and liabilities. Resil's services are another attractive option for separating couples to privately attend to their property settlement and avoid any costly court proceedings. This can help you better deal with the process required for getting a divorce.  

Give us a try, we will not disappoint you.

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* $497 or lower depending on your circumstances. Refer Product Service Offerings page.